This mysterious term has no equivalent in any other world language. Native Catalonians use it to name things of unique and elusive character. However, understanding the depth and meaning of the term can be achieved only by discovering the beauty of the Catalonia region.

This is why we decided to name our wine Tarannà. The place of origin and the process of winemaking make it one of a kind on the global market. The wine is produced from grapes harvested only during the most appropriate lunar phase. The grapes can be found only in Catalonia, a region famous for some of the best wine-growing conditions in Spain: a place of unparalleled culture, atmosphere and flavours. Only nature knows its secrets.

We cooperate with local family-owned vineyards, where passion and enthusiasm for everything natural has shaped the art of creating amazing masterpieces for generations. Here, under the watchful eye of an experienced sommelier, we select a short series of our wines, all with a unique fragrance, colour and the most beautiful aspect we want to share with you – what we call Tarannà.

We invite you to taste Tarannà.

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